Features overview

SilentFax is a client/server system designed to integrate into your network. Besides the server, the other two major components are the virtual fax printer and client software to be installed in user workstations.

Currently, we offer SilentFax Standard model as a kit or as a turnkey system. Although the features listed here are about our turnkey systems, they will also apply to the kit installations as long as there is no hardware limitation.

SilentFax server

  • The SilentFax server is a discrete network appliance running Windows XP Professional.
  • Turnkey systems come all server-side software installed, ready to receive faxes on power-up.
  • If desired, the SilentFax Kit can be installed on Windows 2003.
  • Turnkey hardware

  • Turnkey systems are built using most-reputable off-the-shelf components for maximum reliability.
  • Typical hardware: server-grade motherboard, AMD Athlon CPU, Seagate SATA hard disk, 1 or 2 GB memory.
  • Exact hardware configuration depends on the model. Some models include RAID disk mirroring.
  • Fax board support

  • SilentFax supports Dialogic fax boards.
  • Analog systems are available in 2, 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20 port configurations.
  • Your network

  • SilentFax seamlessly integrates with your network.
  • By default, turnkey systems are configured as a workgroup with DHCP enabled.
  • If you wish, you can change it to join your company's domain, but not required.