Administration Software

Administration Software is a password-protected, browser-based (HTML) user interface that presents guidelines and explanations in context, right on the screens.

Inbox management

The system Inbox holds all fax messages in the system. The Administrator can view, move, forward, and delete faxes; easily add their senders into the CSID mapping/routing table.

  • Holds all fax messages in the system.
  • View, move, forward, and delete faxes.
  • Optional date and time stamp on received fax pages.
  • Outbox management

    The system Outbox is a queue for outbound fax print jobs.

  • Intelligent queue management.
  • Result-based, programmable the number of attempts for a fax transmission and the delay between each attempt.
  • Options to customize the Transmission Report for users.
  • Programmable time zone for fax distribution.
  • System Parameters

    With this option, the Administrator can enter or change some system settings. Examples of such settings are:

  • An email account for SilentFax to use and email options.
  • Folders for system-wide archiving and backup.
  • Options to set up different tenant groups.
  • Options to create server-side coverpages.
  • Fax Ports

    You can configure each fax port according to your company's needs. The Dialing Rules table allows you to dial local/long distance calls correctly.

  • Assign each port to a different department and/or group for inbound faxes.
  • Set ports to receive-only or receive-send.
  • Assign specific ports to different tenant groups.
  • Specify digits to access Telco lines before dialing.
  • Reports, Monitoring & Alerts

    It is important for the Administrator to keep a close eye on the system. For this purpose, the Administration software offers various reports and tools to monitor, maintain and raise an alert.

  • Weekly activity report with 6 previous weeks stored in its history.
  • Weekly status and traffic report.
  • Tools to updates the server, client and virtual printer software.
  • Real-time fax port monitoring
  • Real-time client connection monitoring.
  • Email alerts for problems related to the email server, drop-in folders, printers.