Application Interface Extension

The Application Interface Extension (AIX) feature provides an interface for application programs to send a fax automatically, without any direct human intervention. For example, your customers can place orders on your web site and your web application can use the SilentFax to send confirmation faxes.

The AIX (Application Interface Extension) is an umbrella term we use to refer to various tools and utilities required to automate faxing: XML-API, file conversion and transfer utilities and the management window to supply default values and to view reports.

How it works

Roughly speaking, SilentFax XML-API works by placing a set of files in a monitored and shared folder. The set includes one XML-API control file and one or more document files. When SilentFax detects an XML-API file in the monitored folder, it handles the request and generates an outgoing fax.

For example, your application may create the following control file and place it in a designated shared folder along with the document file "test.pdf".



  <TO_TELNO>203-555-1212 </TO_TELNO>


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