Client software

SilentFax client software runs on user workstations, providing an alternative method of accessing users' incoming fax messages.

Most SilentFax customers prefer and use email delivery for received faxes. For these customers, installing the SilentFax client is not required as received faxes are delivered to their email inbox.


Each user has their own password-protected private inbox and are notified of new fax messages.

They may left click to view fax messages or right click to display a menu with more options such as forwarding the fax to other users.

Received faxes are viewed as PDF files.


Users can monitor the status of their outbound fax requests in the Outbox.
Once an outbound fax is sent successfully, a Transmission Report page is added in front of the fax document and returned to user's Inbox.

Setup & Help

Setting up the client software is easy. The user only needs to fill in some personal information, preferences, and the client will automatically detect the server, its capabilities, and log in.

Of course, if the user ever needs a reminder of how to use the Client Software, the Help section is a quick yet comprehensive guide.