DID-to-DTMF Routing (PBX Integration)

DID-to-DTMF Routing is the most cost-effective way of implementing a fax DID application. It takes advantage of the PBX's capability to pass through the DID information as DTMF digits. Since PBX already interfaces with the Telco service, you don't have to pay -again- for an expensive interface card for DID applications.

The following slide explains how DID-to-DTMF Routing works in general terms. Because the true "magic work" is done by the PBX system, you should consult your PBX vendor or our Tech Support Department to find out if DID-to-DTMF Routing is possible with your PBX.

Because the same PBX programming technique is used for voicemail systems, the "DID-to-DTMF" feature is widely supported by the majority of PBX systems.

DID-to-DTMF Routing is available in the SilentFax Standard model as a standard feature.