Demo & evaluation

We know...

  • We know for the fact that we offer the best prices in our class, that is, fax servers using DSP-based fax boards like Dialogic and Brooktrout.

  • We also know that we have a solid, robust and easy-to-use product with the industry's best support program.
  • You don't...

    But,'re not so sure about all these. You're thinking that SilentFax may be right for you, but you're still looking for that final piece to fall into place so that you can be fully convinced.
    That is why, we formulated a two-step evaluation program:

  • First, see the SilentFax demo and use it remotely.
  • Then, evaluate SilentFax for 2 weeks with no deposit, no contract and no commitment.
  • Demo SilentFax Remotely

    We invite you to schedule a demo with us. It's a one-on-one, technical-oriented Webinar where we walk you through the features you want to hear about and answer your questions.
    It's a fast, simple and no-hassle way to know not only about SilentFax, but also about fax servers in generals.

    Free 15 Day Evaluation Offer (*)

    We, at Telerem, would also like to invite you to try out our product free for 15 days with no commitment to purchase. With this offer, you can evaluate SilentFax to see if it is the right product for you. If you decide to keep it, just tell us - we'll then send you the invoice. Otherwise you can simply return it.
    (*) Some restrictions may apply.

    We look forward to hearing from you.