Models & Configurations

SilentFax comes in various models to fit into different telephony environments. Hence, for SilentFax, a model implies a different or additional fax hardware configuration.

For each model, we offer an array of different port (i.e. fax line) configurations to meet your fax traffic requirements.

The Standard model, undoubtedly, is our best-selling and the most common model. It can integrate with your PBX for a fax DID application. Currently, we are offering SilentFax Standard model as a Kit or as a Turnkey system.

Turnkey systems

Regardless of the models and configurations, all SilentFax turnkey servers are:

  • Built using most-reputable, off-the-shelf components for maximum reliability.
  • Configured as network appliances running Windows 10 Professional.
  • Designed to run the same SilentFax server software. See Features for more details.

First year support

All models (including the Standard Kit model) come with the following terms which provide comprehensive coverage for the first year. Typically, after the first year, our customers purchase an optional Support Plan to keep their systems running smoothly.

  • 60-day return policy,
  • 1-year warranty on hardware,
  • 1-year unlimited free technical support,
  • 1-year free software updates.