SilentFax DID model

The SilentFax DID model includes one or more DID interface boards (-in addition to the fax boards-) to connect the Telco DID trunks directly. The primary routing method in these systems is DID Routing.

Since Telco DID trunks are one-way trunks (incoming only), a typical DID configuration reserves some fax ports for POTS lines to support outbound faxing. For example, 4-port/2-DID or '4p/2D' configuration uses 2 coupled fax and DID ports for incoming faxes so that remaining 2 fax ports can be used for outgoing faxes.

See the SilentFax DID Setup document for more information.

Special notes on the DID model & DID trunks

The SilentFax DID model is designed to connect Telco DID lines, therefore you must have a DID trunk. If you wish to implement a fax DID application, you should look into our Standard model first.
In recent years, fallen T1 prices has diminished the popularity of DID trunks. We are maintaining SilentFax DID model mostly to replace older, ailing DID systems for customers who already have DID trunks.


Rackmount chassis, all configurations support 100 users (i.e. 100 DID numbers).
Higher density configurations are available.

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4-port/2-DID rackmount 2 POTS lines  $60 Email us
4-port/4-DID rackmount No POTS, all incoming $60 Email us
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(*) When shipped in the continental U.S.