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SilentFax Mini

Currently on sale, $200 discounted... The offer is valid for North America only.

4-port/100-user SilentFax Mini:   $1475 + $40 s&h

You can return in 60 days for full refund including s&h. Allow 2-3 day lead time before shipping.

The SilentFAX Mini is a terrific solution for us. It is a very hands-off system and our employees love the results. The tech support has been fantastic! They always answer right away and solve any issues quickly and professionally. I would highly recommend it!
Andrew Del Greco, Director of IT, Northern Sales Company


    • A complete system ready to go on power-up
    • Small footprint: 8.7" x 5.1" x 11.8"
    • 4 fax ports, not expandable
    • Reliable platform built with a Dialogic fax board and Windows 10 Professional
    • Comes with SilentFax printer (unlimited installs).

    • 60-day return policy,
    • 1-year warranty,
    • 6-month free software updates,
    • 6-month unlimited tech support.

The SilentFax Mini is a member of SilentFax Standard model family.
It can be connected directly to your existing fax lines supporting the channel-based routing.
Alternatively, you can install it behind your PBX/phone system for the the DID/DTMF routing.